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Recently I tried to share an MSAccess database file on It was over 80 mg so my email server wouldn’t accept it. My Microsoft Skydrive won’t take a file over 50 mg. I was so sure was going to be my answer. Wrong! After waiting for about 10 minutes while it acted like it […]

Sample of a pdf presentation

Click on this link to see a pdf presentation I created with eight sample cover designs for The Story of Your Life, Writing a Spiritual Autobiography, by Dan Wakefield. Notice that I can have transitions and can choose to have the pdf open in Full Screen Presentation mode or in a pdf mode with the […]

Collaborating Online with

There are many services for storing and sharing your documents in cyberspace…on the cloud. The advantages for me are that my files are available to me anywhere in the world where I have internet access. If you steal my laptop, you didn’t get my data. The disadvantages are similar to the advantages: I always have to have internet access. However, I also don’t worry about backing up when I use an online storage service and I have easy methods for collaborating with others. I will discuss online storage and collaboration services on the blog and will link to it here soon. This is an incredible opportunity for small firms to move into the cloud, utilize the most current technology and lower their technical costs.

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