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Security…Collaboration… Automation

Harnessing the power of Acrobat can save you time and money…
and put your firm ahead of the legal tech curve.

  • Briefs are eFiled.
  • Patents and trademarks are filed online.
  • Attorneys collaborate on documents with clients and co-workers.
  • Documents need to be combined and split
  • Sensitive material needs to be redacted

In today’s legal environment, an overview of Acrobat Pro’s most compelling features is a necessity for every employee in every law firm. Not knowing what you don’t know can hurt you. Security, collaboration and automation are the order of the day. But who has the time to take a 2-day class to extract the features that are applicable to them?

Designed specifically for legal professionals, two one-hour crash courses will give your firm an edge in the world of legal automation.

Most people still believe that Acrobat’s sole purpose is to create pdfs. It is much much much much much more!