Bates Numbering with Acrobat

Acrobat handles this task beautifully. The Bates Numbers are placed in a special header in Acrobat.

  1. Copy all the documents to be Bates Numbered in a folder all by themselves.
  2. Select Advanced/Document Processing/Bates Numbering/Add
  3. Select all the files in the folder
  4. The dialog box will populate with your file choices. Arrange them using the buttons on the left.
  5. Click Next
  6. Click inside the header or footer box where you wish the Bates Number to appear and click Insert Bates Number
  7. The following dialog box pops up:
Dialog box for Bates Numbering

Bates Numbering

Experiment with the prefix and suffix to get the information required for your project.

8) If more documents need to be added to this process later, follow the above steps and change the start number on the above dialog box to the next number from your previous batch.

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