Slide show presentation in a pdf

Have you ever wanted to send a bunch of photographs in one email as a slide show
that will work on anyone’s computer? Try creating a pdf slideshow presentation:

  1. Organize desired photos by giving each image a descriptive name and
    placing them all in one folder with no other files in the folder.
  2. From Acrobat, choose File/Create PDF/From Multiple Files.
  3. Click on Add Files, browse to your images and select them (Ctrl-A selects all
    the files within the folder or choose to Add Folder and add the entire folder in one swoop).
  4. Click the radio button at the bottom of the screen that says Small File Size
    so the end file will be small enough to email easily.
  5. Choose to merge the files into a single pdf; click Create; click Save; name your file.
  6. Change the document opening options: File/Properties/Initial View Tab to the following:

screen shot of initial view settings in Acrobat

Hide whatever you wish to hide under the User Interface Options. Save and close your PDF.

Open it again to try it out. Click to move from slide to slide.

Now email it to your friends!

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