What Is Outside The Box?…from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

17 Mar

What is Outside the Box?


page 82-83 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

It is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile many of today’s religions with  modern scientific thought. Could these irreconcilable differences be a cause of schizophrenia?

Do people who hear internal voices actually hear the voices of the entities inside of them or the voices of other external groupings that are filtered out by most of us?

Are autistic people who appear to be connected to some other reality REALLY connected to some other reality?

Perhaps, as is theorized on the quantum level, all possibilities actually do exist simultaneously in different dimensions and there is a place where we turn right and left, make one decision and the other, are fat and thin…. If the perspective horizon is gravity, then all possibilities might exist simultaneously and our reality could be a wave of perception washing through these infinite connections.

Time might be a characteristic or factor or function of each wave of perspective. Each individual would be riding his/her own wave which would group with other individuals to make the waves of other entities of which we are members, much like individual water molecules riding the waves of the oceans.

Could time be different for every entity, but related in the same way that all life on earth is related through evolution? Would memory then be time travel? Linking to groups that our time/perception/perspective wave on the perspective horizon has passed? Travel to the future would then be travel to one of infinite possible futures. When we worry or fantasize about a future event are we then affecting the future of our particular wave of perception/time?

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Passion…from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

22 Oct
abstract image representing passion


page 80-81 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Emotion: An event happened, an entity was frightened; specific chemicals that are related to the emotion of fear flood its body. Even if an entity can be made to experience fear by injecting it with a chemical, this doesn’t take away the fact that the event triggered the fear also. If you block the gland that produces the chemicals, maybe it won’t feel the fear, but that only means its particular structure needs that particular tool to experience the fear. It does not necessarily mean that the chemical contains the emotion of fear.

Other entities would use other methods for experiencing emotions. We know a person can be afraid. Can a city? A country? An internal organ?

Are emotions groupings of smaller entities within us? When we experience joy have the entities that make up the chemical associated with that emotion all congregated for some incredible party? When we experience fear has a mob congregated for some ugly reason? Did we create both the party and the mob?

Do our emotions reach outward to continue that grouping with other people? When we are told that a positive attitude keeps you healthier and happier, are we really sending groups of good things down to our nano-cosmos? When I wake up in a great mood for no reason at all, am I experiencing the emotions of the galaxy?

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Vast Cosmic Filament Discovered Connecting Milky Way to the Universe

01 Oct

This is a great…we really are all connected!


Thanks for the link to Brother Karekin.

A Far Corner of the Universe…from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

24 Sep
a far corner of the universe from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

A Far Corner of the Universe

page 7-79 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

The matter that makes up all of us has been grouping, ungrouping and re-grouping in the same area of this particular universe for billions of years. Every atom in all of our bodies was probably once part of the same star. In fact, every nano-particle in every one of our bodies was compressed together in that great singularity known as the Big Bang, along with every nano-particle in every galaxy in the universe. Whew! When we die, we are still part of the same planet, the same galaxy.

But what happened before the Big Bang? Current scientific theories include 1) bubbles appeared in the void and one of them billowed out into the Big Bang of this universe; and 2) our universe bubbled out from an older universe. Neither of these theories makes any attempt to explain how bubbles appeared in the void (and what exactly is the void?) or from where the older universe came. If there is no smallest piece of matter, no brick at the bottom, no floor to the Grouping Thing, and infinity sits at all ends, then we don’t need to ask the question “what happened before…” as the answer will always be—SOMETHING!

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Synch or Skate, from a visual and philosophical theory of everything

29 Aug
green legs in five-wheel inline skates in bathroom sin, hot pink

Synch or Skate

page 76-77 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Flowing traffic appears to be in synchrony. Decisions made by hundreds and thousands of individuals create this synchrony. One individual cutting in front of another individual can change the sync of the entire group. Is the group an entity, acquiring more and less form to our perceptions as it flows into and out of sync? Is that the reason it can synchronize?

Does it dissipate or sleep while everyone works and wake up for the evening commute? It would never be the exact same entity from one moment to the next, but then neither is San Francisco the exact same city from one moment to the next. Someone is always moving in, someone else is moving out; someone is being born, someone is dying; a new business is opening, an old business is closing.

Nor am I the exact same individual from one moment to the next. Cells are lost; cells

are created; new sights and information are stored; old information is reinforced like a well-trampled trail, or forgotten in the mass of new information; friends and family are reproducing; friends and family are dying. The old saw that a person never walks in the same stream twice applies to Everything.

Are we treated to the outline of different entities when we identify a group of anything moving in sync? A school of fish swims past in perfect synchrony—is it one entity from some other perspective or granularity? Does the school contain a group sentience that exists purely because the fish have grouped? A group of fireflies, flash in concert. Are we actually glimpsing some other entity?

Is the emerging science of synchrony missing the vital concept that spontaneous order (synchrony) is created by individual decisions which are made for the multiplicity of reasons any of us might give to justify any decision we make?

Are synchronously flashing fireflies a pom pom team or soccer team or street gang or an army that is posturing for other species of fireflies? Are they also an entity with its own sentience, composed of the combined sentiences of the individual fireflies, which, much like an octopus changing color and texture to match its mood or surroundings, is performing an artistic light show for entities whose granularity is such that we cannot identify them?

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Multiple Realities from a visual and philosophical theory of everything

21 May


image by san francisco artist and author sarah curtiss representing multiple=

page 74-75 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Have we other realities in our link (gravity grouping) with every other bit of matter and in every possible combination of groupings of matter in our universe and possibly others?

Do we perceive only that which is within our own peculiar granularity or in a certain neighborhood of the perspective horizon? Do we change depending upon with whom we are currently grouping?

Everything is part of infinite other entities. Nothing is without inner entities. And we are part of it all…no getting out, just moving from perspective to perspective. Not only knowing each other in previous groupings, but actually being the same entity at different times and in different combinations…including now: Grouping into families, friendship circles, spiritual groups, work groups, cities, countries, the Earth, the Milky Way.

These are multiple realities that I can wrap my arms around. Laws decreed by humans appear to be physical laws to the cosmos. Laws decreed by the subatomic become physical laws to humans. Maybe the reason electrons are found only in particular shells at specific distances around the nucleus of an atom is the same reason that no one lives in the middle of a freeway. Even street people live on the sidewalk, not the street.

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Common Threads from a visual and philosophical theory of everything

16 Apr
abstract image of fantasy fruit representing the connections we have to everything else

Common Threads

page 72-73 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

So if there are all of these billions of decisions being made, why would there be any species at all? Why wouldn’t every single creature be vastly different from every other single creature?

Every creature is vastly different from every other single creature, depending on the distance or granularity of your perspective. I am different from all other humans, yet there are those who will lump me in with all other middle-aged American white women as one entity for any of a variety of reasons, including personal prejudice, marketing demographics and political exploitation.

Why are beehives similar? Why is each Portuguese Man of War similar? Why are human families similar? cities? countries? solar systems? galaxies? Possibly we are back to that thought that there is this desire to follow others and group coupled with the desire to create something new and be followed; independence and freedom of thought pushing against the desire for acceptance; the wish for adventure and discovery grappling with the wish for Everything to stay secure and familiar. Grouping and ungrouping; gravity and entropy.

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Fruits of Knowledge

23 Mar

abstract image with fruit representing fruits of knowledge

Fruits of Knowledge

page 70-71 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Do we categorize and database [the storage of information linked to other information, e.g. companies linked to contacts, linked to phone numbers and email addresses] because at some microscopic level individual sentiences hold individual pieces of information—information that when put together forms a society with its own flavor based on the informational ingredients. The final recipe might be for an individual, a species or a universe.

Do we categorize and database so that individually and as a collective society enormous amounts of information become available to us, which enables more people to create more complex works, which creates a more complex combined entity? Is this the same pattern that I was seeing in the DNA database?

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Time Frozen

12 Mar
Surreal image of a frozen over freezer with eggs and clock representing time frozen

Time Frozen

page 68-69 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Are time, size and fashion sense specific and unique to every entity grouping? I experience time differently from hour to hour, day to day, year to year. Do our clocks and calendars just allow us to keep in sync with the earth’s cycle—an entity grouping of which we are a part? Do we synchronize our watches as part of our grouping thing with the earth? Is it the same phenomenon as women’s periods syncing when they live together?

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The Play of Light

01 Mar

Abstract representation of light playing

The Play of Light

page 66-67 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

There is a famous experiment that involves shooting photons through a hole in a screen and measuring the pattern the photons make on a second screen designed for this purpose. They make a circular pattern as would be expected from a particle. Then a second hole is cut in the first screen so that the photons have two ways of passing through this screen to make their pattern on the second screen. They make a bar pattern which is the trademark pattern of two waves interfering with each other.

I rather like current explanations that light has a dual nature of particle and wave, however, has anyone ever tried this same experiment using human beings instead of photons? There could be a queue-up area with one open door to another room. The people could go through this door one at a time, walk across a room, put their hand print somewhere on the far wall, then go stand wherever they wish. Both the hand prints and end location of the person could be tracked. Then repeat the experiment with two doors open.

It would be interesting to know if different patterns appeared depending on whether the group was composed of people from the same school; from the same family; from the same town; the same age; the same background…. Any one of these factors could be the critical one that compares to wavelength.

Are the photons making decisions? Are they following a pattern based on their life style? Do they know what choice the photons before them made? Are they all one entity and in synchrony with each other because of this? Does the scientist’s measuring of the experiment create a grouping between the scientist and the photons? Does a watched pot boil at a different rate than an unwatched pot due to the added weight of the watcher in the group?

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City Music

22 Feb

Abstract representation of the totality of a city in Everything IS, a philosophical and visual theory of everything, original painting by William Solis

City Music, original gold, silver copper leaf painting by William Solis

page 64-65 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Current theory states that matter and energy come in packets that cannot be further subdivided. This is the basis of Quantum Mechanics as these packets are called quanta. A photon is a quantum of electromagnetic (light) energy. The quanta are often likened to eggs, which are purchased in whole numbers: a dozen eggs, not a half-gallon of eggs.

However, there is still something inside that egg. I, too am a quantum, as I cannot be divided and be useful as my original purpose as a living human being. Most of our day-to-day world cannot be divided and remain what it is—half of a car; half of a refrigerator; half of a dog. Every one of these items comes in discrete quanta but that does not mean that they don’t contain infinite other entities that have nothing to do with their purpose as a whole.

There is a cycle of getting up and doing something (going to work, eating, playing), then stopping doing something (going to sleep) and repeating the pattern that all animals perform. The length of the cycle varies, but the pattern remains.

How would an entity the size of the solar system or larger view these cycles that are repeating all over the planet? Would it make a wave movement? Would we also pass particle tests? Movement for half the day; no movement for half the day—or whatever the length of the cycle (wave?) for each individual animal. Like the cycling of an electromagnetic wave from moving magnetic field to moving electric current to magnetic field to current…the mere state of being awake spawns sleep, which spawns awake which spawns sleep.

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Cosmic Dancing

06 Jan

Abstract representation of our cosmos dancing with another cosmos from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything and art book

Cosmic Dancing

page 62-63 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Chaos Theory states that you can’t predict the future, for example the weather, because you would need to know the exact state (mass, position and speed—which is impossible according to other current laws of physics) of every molecule in the system.

Infinite Sentience says you will never be able to predict the same phenomenon because it would be like trying to predict exactly who will stay home from work today in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Different decisions made by different entities and affected by the decisions made by still different entities will make the task absolutely impossible.

Patterns and trends are the only possibilities. But a pattern or trend on a nano-cosmic (really tiny) level could well look like a scientific law on our level. Or a pattern or trend on our level could well look like a scientific law on a tetra-cosmic (really big) level.

Electrons and photons are said to lack individuality. All electrons in the universe are thought to be interchangeable as are all photons. Could this be a granularity issue? All MUNI bus drivers may be interchangeable as drivers, but they aren’t interchangeable in the rest of their lives. Every time we are able to zoom in closer on anything we find more detail and more complexity. Could this be true of electrons and photons also? Maybe, like the MUNI bus drivers, they are interchangeable in certain roles (the ones of which we are aware), but entirely individual in other roles.

Is it not possible that our own devices that have given us a glimpse into the subatomic world, are only tracking one factor of one entity and that there are an infinite number of other entities that make that world as rich as our own, with symbiotic and parasitic relationships, environmental issues, personal and societal values, happiness, suffering and decision-making?

If an atom were the size of the solar system, a string would be the size of a tree on Earth. Ken Ford states in his book The Quantum World , that with every breath you take you inhale more atoms than there are stars in the known universe! Just think of how many atoms we share with Everything Else.

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Grassroots Movement and a Star is Born

06 Jan
representation of a grassroots movement from the San Francisco art book, Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Grassroots Movement

abstract representation of a star being born from a grassroots movement from the San Francisco art book, Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

A Star is Born

Universal Fate

21 Dec
Abstract image representing the universal fate of grouping and ungrouping from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical Theory of Everything

Universal Fate

page 58-59 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

So, will gravity end this universe with a big group crunch or will the ungrouping of entropy dissipate it?

Maybe neither one! Maybe it will just keep re-grouping in infinitely diverse ways; birthing new universes and combining with other universes to create still other entities. And we’re all a part of it!

Is it possible that ours is a fairly young universe; that it hasn’t yet had the chance to do much re-grouping from the initial singularity? Everything still appears to be moving away from Everything Else.

In the expanding universe theories, the expanding space is between clusters or super clusters of galaxies, not between individual galaxies or the stars in specific galaxies. Is this similar to the space that develops, through evolution, between species? Or is our universe still in an embryo stage, not yet even born? Is the space between the organs of this immense embryo?

The existing galaxy formations feel a lot like the turbulence found after a big explosion. Possibly this is why the mechanics of turbulence are still such a mystery. Maybe the major decisions being made by the turbulent entities are on the combined grouping levels of subatomic, atomic, molecular and….

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A Moment of Conception

10 Dec
abstract representation of conception from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

A Moment of Conception

page 56-57 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Like the inevitable waitress with the ratted beehive left over from a previous fashion, are there particles from before the Big Bang that didn’t ungroup with the rest of the universe? Is it possible that there is something feeding this universe, like an umbilical cord from our birth universe?

It appears to be theoretically impossible to peer into the world of fashion or finance or horse racing and actually nail down all of the particulars that make one thing happen as opposed to another. Patterns, possibilities, likelihoods, unlikelihoods, yes, but the event horizon is murky. The further we zoom out in time, the more impenetrable appears the event horizon beyond which we are trying to peer. Is the event horizon just the border between one thing and another like the multitude of events that hide the exact trail of our heritage from one-celled creatures, or the events that create a religion or an empire or a fashion?

What does the fertilization of an egg look like at the atomic level? Is it similar to the computer-generated models of the Big Bang? 

On the cellular level it would appear to be a successful attack by one group on another (sperm on egg), which caused an immediate explosion of new leaders and new groups which grabbed at existing resources and followed a pattern of new groups forming from the old yet tied to each other by the bonds of the previous group until the resources and space began to get tight and the entire bunch moved as one and popped out the other side of the black hole. And another universe is born.

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The Scale of the Universe and The Light Mixer (RGB and CMYK)

03 Dec

These are two of the coolest little animations I have seen in a long time.

The Scale of the Universe

The Light Mixer

I am posting them here as they fit in more with my Theory of Everything theme than with any of my other half dozen blogging themes.

And for those of you who missed the post in Odds ‘n Ends, this is also a good science short.

A Singularity

29 Nov
abstract image representing a singularity, such as a black hole, from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

A Singularity

page 54-55 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

The Big Bang Theory of the Creation of the Universe theorizes that all of the mass of the universe was once concentrated in one infinitely heavy pinprick that reached some critical point and exploded into our universe. The Big Bang is called a singularity, which is a state/event beyond which it is theoretically impossible to peer due to our current understanding of the behavior of light and the flow of time. It is theorized that black holes might be singularities that are creating new universes.

Is it possible that singularities occur in Everything: political systems, corporations, fashions, religions? The group reaches a critical point/mass and gives birth to something new.

Hair was ratted higher and higher until the style collapsed. Most people ungrouped from the ratted hair as soon as the fashion industry told them it was out of style and long straight hair was now In. Did the fashion industry manipulate patterns to create a singularity? We can theorize about how the one style collapsed and the new style was created, but we can’t actually pinpoint all the events that made the one style collapse or predict exactly what style will find favor with the general public next.

Can we figure out some probabilities of what happened/existed before the Big Bang by looking at patterns in other types of singularities whose event horizons we are able to further penetrate? My birth is an event in my neighborhood of the perspective horizon through which I cannot pass. I can learn a lot about the time before, during and after my birth because I can communicate with others of my species who witnessed the event from different positions on the perspective horizon. Wouldn’t this event be unfathomable to the sperm that started my life? Might an entity the size of a universe be as able to see through the event horizon of the Big Bang as we are able to look at the time before, during and after our birth?

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Quantum Fashions in a Theory of Everything

19 Nov
Abstract image representing fashion in the quantum world from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Quantum Fashions

page 52-53 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

We combine together in various groups that last for varying times but always eventually collapse (entropy). One person starts a new fad, which is followed by more and more people until it reaches a certain point and then breaks down and disappears under the weight of new fads.

A human body begins with an incredible organization of cells doing new things and other cells following the direction of different leaders until a human is formed (much like an empire). It changes gradually over time until it finally collapses, the methods of communication between various parts of the empire crumble, the roads become impassable, the strength of the army gone.

I understand the idea of entropy and Everything evening out based on probabilities, but is it possible that the probability factors just happen to be useful tools to measure the patterns of decisions made on infinite levels rather than the real mechanism behind entropy? Are the probability factors of entropy similar to the Nielsen Ratings or a Gallup Poll?

Is entropy at war with the individual sentient desire to group, to either try something new and lead others or follow someone else? Can Queen TUT and Infinite Sentience explain the push pull of wanting to simultaneously be noticed and not noticed?

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Complex Adaptive System

11 Nov
image of a woman who used to be a man, representing a Complex Adaptive System from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Complex Adaptive System


page 50-51 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything 

Entropy is the tendency of a system to go to its most probable state: entropy does not have a probability of happening; rather, it is the process of the probable occurring. If 10 molecules of air are released into a vacuum box, there are more chances (the odds are better) that five will end up on one side and five on the other side (an even distribution of energy) than any other possible combination of the molecules. 

Entropy almost makes me want to drop the entire theory and base the universe solely on probabilities. Did a certain percent of San Franciscans switch from croissants to scones simply because once the scone was brought to our attention we were driven by entropy to even out the playing field between scones and croissants? Does entropy explain the desire to do something different than the previous generation? To rebel against or ungroup from their values or fashions or art or lifestyle? 

Maybe it’s the other way around: Maybe the desire to follow a new lead accounts for entropy; like the desire to try new things and then have everyone you know try them too. Maybe ungrouping doesn’t really exist—maybe it’s just the flip side of a new grouping. When we ungroup from one value/fashion/point of view/etc., we re-group toward some other value/fashion/point of view. Maybe entropy is just our word for the decisions to ungroup and regroup that are ultimately made by Everything in every situation. 

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Entropy: Everything Ungroups

05 Nov

abstract image representing entropy from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Entropy: Everything Ungroups

page 48-49 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

[Entropy, a definition: the tendency of all systems to break down and evenly distribute the energy between the system and the system’s surroundings. The reason a cup of coffee cools is attributed to entropy evening out the heat energy between the cup of coffee and the surrounding air; the reason an ice cube melts is attributed to entropy evening out the heat energy between the ice cube and the surrounding liquid.]

Entropy = group becomes dysfunctional for large enough numbers to leave and eventually be followed by others—singly and in groups—until original group has dissipated?

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Gravity: Everything Groups

05 Nov
abstract image representing gravity from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Gravity: Everything Groups

page 46-47 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

[Gravity, a definition: The attraction of all matter to all other matter which curves spacetime by an amount based on the mass of an object and its movement in relation to the frame of reference of the measurer.] 

Does Gravity = tendency to group and add more and more to group until

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27 Oct
abstract representation of change from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything


page 44-45 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

The process of feeding and caring for a body can be equated with that of feeding and caring for a society. Give a body everything it needs to stay healthy and eventually it will still fail and die. Sometimes it will fail and die young, even though it was given all it should have needed to stay healthy.

Wealth and prosperity bubble through an empire, rising out of the masses to concentrate in a few at the top who become more extravagant in their abuse of power and form extreme situations for those at the bottom. Something then happens to change the strength of the state, either internal or external war, possibly, or just a drifting in of outsiders and a drifting out of insiders, until the empire collapses.

I see the same pattern in fashion. The codpieces (hairstyles; skirt lengths….) get more and more extravagant until they reach some critical point and the fashion collapses. I discover curry and eat so much of it that I can no longer bear the smell. What’s going on? Why do animals get larger? Is nature a size queen? Do some of the fantastic designs of nature exist for the same reason that individuals take fashions to the extreme…like boys’ pants getting larger?

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22 Oct

abstract representation of the diversity in mankind from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Babel by William Solis

page 42-43 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

original painting by William Solis is for sale: 24×36, gold frame, oil and gold leaf

It has been said that humans are the only creatures that question the structure of the universe, have a morality, and produce art, music and literature. It has been said that we are the only creature that is aware of our impending death. How do we know these things? Has anyone questioned a giant redwood to see if they are aware they will one day die? With a 2-4,000 year life-span, they are probably just becoming, in one generation, aware of the massive invasion of the planet by the human species.

Do we know that ants don’t string scent molecules together to form great works of art from another ant’s perspective? Do we know that they don’t produce fantastic music on some wave too low or high or weak for our ears or technology? We certainly know that ants hunt, farm, and make war. Morality must be a species-related characteristic, as what could be more evil to an ant than me with a can of RAID in my hand?

Do we know that the sun is NOT singing a choral song in light waves with the rest of the galaxy? Do we know that bacteria don’t disappear into our noses or mouths and pop out the other end purposefully or stay and colonize, as we would if we were able to disappear into a wormhole and pop out in another universe?

Do we know that viruses are not involved in inter-galactic trade and that we are not storage bins for their currency of bacteria along their vast trade routes? It seems as likely that we would have inner body experiences as out of body experiences.

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A Piece of the Puzzle

20 Oct

abstract representation of humanity as a piece of everything from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

A Piece of the Puzzle

page 40-41 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

What is happening when two people report the exact same incident differently? Each individual person’s micro cosmos (using information provided by DNA) that built either the telescopes (eyes) or the media reporting the information back to the colony (the brain), is, as would be expected of a society, different in every one of us. Not, however, so different that we can’t trace the roots or heritage of the entire colony to a certain extent—like tracing the movement of the Celtic people across Europe to Ireland and then Scotland—or watching a family nose or smile pass from generation to generation- –or recognizing that the two people are describing the same event.

Could DNA truly be just a series of non-sentient molecules, which makes mistakes every time it replicates, some of which are successful “mutations” (a really negative word for something so incredible), but most of which are not? How can something with no decision-making capabilities make mistakes?

Or is DNA an infrastructure for proteins, the body’s worker bees? Is the splitting and reforming of DNA controlled by individual proteins making individual decisions? Is DNA the database of available data and the protein the programmer manipulating the data? Are our individual hair or blood or skin or eye cells the end report produced by these programmers?

Popular application software is always operated in ways not even considered by its developers. Sometimes this is a positive, certainly for the user who has discovered the shortcut. Sometimes this is a negative, causing some instability in the program, data or document that is not discovered until huge problems arise. Is this similar to an uninformed decision by a DNA molecule, or by the protein expressing it, creating a negative mutation?

If the process of DNA replication is built on the decisions of the molecules and atoms (and infinite other even smaller entities to lesser and lesser degrees) involved, it would be impossible to believe that it could ever be exactly the same twice…which appears to be the case. Infinite Sentience would predict that it would never be the same twice. Infinite Sentience predicts Infinite Diversity.

However, if, as current scientific paradigms would have me believe, on some elemental level all particles are identical, how is it possible that we have infinite diversity on all other levels? If all the bricks are identical, should there not be at least two snowflakes alike?

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Infinite Diversity

18 Oct

Abstract image with big apple representing infinite diversity from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Infinite Diversity

page 38-39 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Rather than evolution being run by random “mistakes” in the splitting and re-forming of DNA strands, perhaps it is the result of infinite other societies making decisions to improve their lot in life, one-up their neighbors or just react to their own current marketing trends and family values: societies of subatomic material, societies of molecules, societies of bacteria, societies of humans, societies of universes.

At no one time can any prediction be made with 100% accuracy because it may be a day when the cells in the butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon made a different plan. Only patterns can be traced, and even then, only the patterns that are available to our senses. Have we within us infinite sentient beings to which we are the universe, the god and the weather—flurry of tornados caused by refried beans eaten by the cosmos?

We are vast colonies of bacteria and microbes. At what point did these vast colonies gain their own sentience as one being? Did sentience emerge over time or did the entire sentience form from the first two in the group, becoming a stronger and stronger image as more were added. The process is in various stages (or densities or granularities) all around us, from the Portuguese Man of War (which is actually thousands of individual creatures acting in concert) to coral reefs, beehives and ant colonies, shoals of fish, herds of antelope, armies of men.

If the process is similar—never the same, of course; Infinite Sentience requires Infinite Diversity: it’s not just snowflakes!—on all levels, what might that tell us about the cosmos? We see that stars group into galaxies and groups of galaxies form clusters and even clusters of galaxies gather together in SUPER clusters. The Theory of Infinite Sentience extends Sentience to the cosmic level. Are galaxies cells in the much larger grouping we call our universe? Are they quarks in the still larger groupings of super clusters of universes?

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A Closer Look by Someone Else

13 Oct

abstract representation of the camera zooming in by someone else from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

A Closer Look by Someone Else

page 37 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

The pattern changes when someone else in a different location on the persepective horizon is holding the camera.

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A Closer Look

13 Oct

Abstract representation of the camera zooming in from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

A Closer Look

page 36 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

When the camera zooms in a different pattern appears.

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Infinity in a Nipple

11 Oct
Abstract representation of infinity from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Infinity in a Nipple

page 34-35 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Let’s take our thought experiment further by erasing all the lines in the shifting sand that we have made between living matter and non-living matter; between plant and animal; between reptile and mammal—categories that were created by us and that have fuzzy lines between them: is a virus living? all mammals bear their young live and nurse them, except the platypus….there are always exceptions because we made up the rules. The rules don’t exist in and of themselves. If there is even one creature identified which does not fit wholly in one category or another, then there is no real line, just man-made categories. Are we driven to databases? Or are we just following Queen TUT’s patterns of grouping by grouping our data?

Now that those lines are erased, let’s back up to before there were one-celled creatures. Would the pattern then be the same? Did/do atoms group together into molecules for symbiotic or parasitic reasons or just for fun or because the atoms next to them were grouping? Or for any of the multiplicity of reasons that political systems rise and fall?

Did molecules follow the same pattern to form DNA strands, which attracted some other types of molecules for some other reason—like the large fish that have the smaller fish clean parasites off of them, perhaps—to form cells, which formed colonies which began to act in concert and became unable to act independently which then hung out in bunches of colonies which became shoals or bee hives or ant colonies or organs or cities or galaxies, the members of which are also not able to live independently any more?

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Inner Cosmos

30 Sep
Abstract image representing an inner cosmos from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Inner Cosmos

page 32-33 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Just as most cells do not survive outside of their organ, most humans are no longer able to be picked up from their cities and dropped off in the middle of Desolation Wilderness and expect to survive. Organs are not generally able to survive outside their body, nor are most cities able to live independently any more. If all lines of communication were cut off from San Francisco, we would not be able to survive. The city is dependent on outside sources for food and water, energy and clothing. Maybe our highways and transportation systems developed the way they have for the same reasons that our veins and arteries developed the way they have.

Is war like the liver dropping bombs on the kidneys? Is apathy like the lungs saying they don’t give an expletive deleted if the folks in the heart are starving? If we are all the same entity on infinite levels, then when we allow other creatures to suffer aren’t we really creating suffering for ourselves?

When humans colonize a new area, they immediately start grouping (e.g. by family, products produced, religion) and immediately start creating trails for communication between the groups. Cancer does much the same when it groups into tumors and creates a vascular system within a tumor to attach to the blood supply. All cancer cells apparently have this ability to create blood vessels (trails?) to attach to the blood supply. Most humans also appear to have trail-blazing capabilities.

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Gravity Crusades

20 Sep
abstract image representing gravity as the decisions of infinitely tiny societies from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

The Gravity Crusades

page 30-31 from Everything IS, a visual and philosophical theory of everything

Are we in a place in history comparable to the times of Copernicus and Galileo? In their respective times and places, the Earth with humans ruling it was at the center of Everything and larger than Everything Else. We are now used to the idea that we are ruling a small planet in a large galaxy in a universe of galaxies. However, we still think our configuration is the center of intelligent life. Out of all the multitude of groupings of matter that we know exist between the subatomic and the cosmic, between the small and the large, our size is the only presumed place where intelligent life could evolve?

If there are these infinite groupings—the gravity groupings—then there has been time for intelligent groupings to evolve on infinite levels along the perspective horizon between the infinities of sub-sub-sub-atomic and the infinities of universes.

Are we ready for a new paradigm in science where humanity’s role is not elevated above the rest of the universe (infinite universes?), but is smack in the middle of its infinite infinities, just like Everything Else?

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Everything IS, a Book of Questions and a Theory of Everything by Sarah Curtiss

why is everything different from everything else? does infinity diversity rule?